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What we do: FREE BOOKS
We here at N.G.E. Far Press are digital publishers of FREE BOOKS. This primarily includes Free OER (Open Educational Resource) Textbooks in Philosophy and works of fiction that are Philosophically informed. Take a look at the catalog of textbooks in the left column and our catalog of fiction works in the right column. Blog and Page information is below. Click one of the Page tabs just above to visit that page for more information.

Works of Fiction

Want to support me in writing more works like these? You can be a Patron at Patreon:

I write in my spare time for fun, and I've decided to share what I have with the world. These works are free, so do with them as you please (except profit from them - only I may do that). I'm always open to feedback, so please send it on if you have any. If you want to support me in writing more (or have an opportunity for me to make money off of these stories, keeping in mind that I will ALWAYS offer them free here in electronic form), also contact me.

The Digital Galleries of our Minds: Download PDF [ePub]
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OER Textbooks
Introduction to Ethics: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Philosophy of Western Religions: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Introduction to Philosophy Reader: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Ancient Philosophy Reader: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
South and East Asian Philosophy Reader: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Political Philosophy Reader: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Critical Reasoning and Writing: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Logic and Critical Thinking: COMING SOON!

Works of Fiction
The Digital Galleries of our Minds: Download PDF [ePub]