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What we do: FREE BOOKS
We here at N.G.E. Far Press are digital publishers of FREE BOOKS. This primarily includes Free OER (Open Educational Resource) Textbooks in Philosophy and works of fiction that are Philosophically informed. Take a look at the catalog of textbooks in the left column and our catalog of fiction works in the right column. Blog and Page information is below. Click one of the Page tabs just above to visit that page for more information.

OER Textbooks

All of the Open Educational Resource (OER) texts below are COMPLETELY FREE to use for all purposes, may be redistributed, and may be printed for non-commercial use. Some may even be printed for commercial use (and parts of them definitely can), but different licenses apply to different texts and their parts, so pay attention to specific licenses in order to properly use and share these works. As I began by saying, all of these are completely FREE to use in their electronic forms, so please use, share, and adopt. They are all available in PDF, ePub, and .DOCX format. The PDF files are optimized for 8.5"x11" printing (since I assume this would be the size most people would want to print it at) and will read fine most of the time. The ePub isn't perfect (none are) but should work fine on most eReader devices and software. The ePub format should look best on mobile devices, since I know many students read on their phones or tablets. The .DOCX file is primarily intended for those that want to edit or re-use parts of these works themselves.

Introduction to Ethics
 Download PDF

Philosophy of Western Religions
Download PDF

 Introduction to Philosophy Reader 

Ancient Philosophy Reader

South and East Asian Philosophy Reader

Political Philosophy Reader 

Critical Reasoning and Writing 

Logic and Critical Thinking 

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OER Textbooks
Introduction to Ethics: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Philosophy of Western Religions: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Introduction to Philosophy Reader: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Ancient Philosophy Reader: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
South and East Asian Philosophy Reader: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Political Philosophy Reader: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Critical Reasoning and Writing: Download PDF [ePub] [.DOCX]
Logic and Critical Thinking: COMING SOON!

Works of Fiction
The Digital Galleries of our Minds: Download PDF [ePub]